Technology which makes your Vehicle Smart.

All vehicles are connected to the Internet and smarter than ever with Mocowi Connect device.

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Improved Features

Display the accessible information of your vehicle from a single center with Mocowi Connect.

  • 1

    Vehicle Telematic Information

    Access the telematic information of your vehicle through Mocowi Connect device over both application and web 24/7.

  • 2

    OBD II Standard

    Your Mocowi Connect device is fully compatible with the interface of OBDII which is a standard in automotive industry. With OBD II standard, you can access instantly to the status-fault -warning information about the standard hardware determined by the producer.

  • 3

    Limitless Cloud Access

    You can keep, share and turn the Vehicle and GPS data into report in your private cloud space. You can direct all the details of vehicle information and internet use data to your e-mail address as daily, monthly or periodical reports.

  • 4

    Internet Modem

    Mocowi Connect includes a modem which offers 4.5G speed connection and which can connect to 10 devices simultaneously. You can connect your mobile devices to the Internet via Mocowi Connect WI-FI network with one click.

  • 5

    High Capacity Battery

    You can use your Mocowi Connect device with its battery having 2000 Mah capacity as 4.5 Modem and Powerbank also when it is not connected to your vehicle. You can charge your other mobile devices by connecting them to Connect.

  • 6

    Improved Sensor Set

    You can report and follow the location, speeding, fuel consumption, engine, speed and abs/asr/esp status information, malfunction codes instantly with Mocowi Connect sensor set.

Integrated Active GPS

Location/position track of your vehicle is now very easy. Mocowi Connect follows your vehicle 24/7 with its active GPS antenna. It notifies you with automatic notifications all the time, provides the opportunity of determining route and detecting the activities outside route.


4.5G Internet. Non-stop. Safe.

Vehicles reach high speed Internet with Mocowi Connect. With the in-vehicle WI-FI network to which you can connect 10 different device simultaneously, the internet onto your mobile devices will not be consumed away and you will connect to the Internet with reasonable cost.


Your Fleet is in Sight Every Moment

You can follow, group your vehicles where Mocowi Connect set up is completed in Fleet mode and turn the device / vehicle data into detailed reports. That way, you can follow your’ vehicle’s field performance on both vehicle and driver basis. Mocowi cloud platform provided with security technologies provided by Google keeps all your data safe.


Vehicle Owners

Personal Vehicle Owners can access their vehicles’ telematic-location and performance data with Mocowi Connect, only smart & connected vehicle product in the market.


Fleet Operators

Mocowi Connect has access improved telematic, location, driver analysis and road performance information of the vehicles in the Fleet from a single center 24/7.


Car Rental Companies

Rent a Car companies have full control over their operations by receiving the detailed telematic-location-road performance report before and after the car delivery process.

Sensors and Interfaces

Mocowi Connect has an improved sensor set. These sensors guarantee that you have the full control over your vehicle.


GPS Track & Manage

Mocowi Connect, equipped with Active GPS technology provides the opportunity of real-time access to GPS data.


4G LTE Modem Router

Mocowi Connect includes a modem router with the capacity of 150 mb Download and 50 mb Upload.


Micro Sim Card

Your device has Micro SIM card slot for LTE GSM access.


Sensor Set

Mocowi Connect constantly observes your Vehicle and its environment with sensors and detailed computations.


Integrated Gyroscope

It provides the opportunity of following your vehicle’s road performance in high precision with gyroscope support.


2000 mAh Battery

You can use your device wherever you want as mobile thanks to its high battery capacity.



You can send programmed warnings or voice mails remotely to the driver with one-way loudspeaker equipment.



You can connect your in-vehicle camera to the device via HDMI port

Subscription Packages

You can purchase Mocowi Connect device with predefined subscription packages prepared for different customer types and budgets.

Silver Package

$ 19 /Month

  • 1 pcs Mocowi Connect AZ-M28EU
  • 1 gb / Month LTE Data usage
  • Free Cloud access
  • 7/24 Call Center Support
  • With 12/24 Months Commitment

Gold Package

$ 29 /Month

  • 1 pcs Mocowi Connect AZ-M28EU
  • 10 gb / Month LTE Data usage
  • Free Cloud access
  • 7/24 Call Center Support
  • With 12/24 Months Commitment

Platinum Package

$ 39 /Month

  • 1 pcs Mocowi Connect AZ-M28EU
  • 30 gb / Month LTE Data usage
  • Free Cloud access
  • 7/24 Call Center Support
  • With 12/24 Months Commitment

Wide Network Coverage

Mocowi Connect has high technology Cat4 LTE modem. Mocowi Connect LTE Modem, having automatic 4.5G/3G modulation feature and Quallcom core, is fully compatible with all European GSM suppliers’ infrastructure. (*)

* Network Coverage may change according to the infrastructure features and capacity of 4.5G connection GSM Supplier. Logos have been used only for the purpose of information and all their rights belong to their registered property owners.